Ligament Knee Braces for sale!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Townsend Ligament Knee Braces, Hi Quality, Brand New

I bought this pair of Knee Braces prescribed by my orthopaedic surgeon. It is one of the best quality Ligament Braces known. It is excellent for ACL-deficient and arthritis patients. It is brand new and i have never worn it before. This pair of multi-purpose braces can be used for pre or post-surgery rehabiliation, and can be worn during sports such as playing football even if your ligaments is completely torn!

Details are as follows:

Brand: TownSend Rebel, one of the best Knee Braces brand in the market.
-very lightweight, unlike conventional ACL brace which is very bulky
-ultralow profile design
-patented townsend motion hinges
-patented suspension technology
-exceptional control & comfort
-rigid, contourable aluminium
-loadshifter relief mechanism

Left/Right: i have 1left brace and 1right brace.

Colour: Black

Size: Medium (Suitable for average adults)

Length: 14inches, standard size

Used for: post ACL Reconstruction rehabilation, excellent to wear during strenous sports such as soccer/basketball, can wear as and when you feel your knees are loose, or "giving way". PS: most conventional knee braces are only for rehabilitative purpose only, cannot be used for sports/casual wear.

Further description:
The Townsend Rebel Knee Brace is an ultra lightweight ACL brace designed to provide superb control of the knee before and after surgery and also for Arthritis patients. This Townsend knee brace features an advanced hinge design that controls motion, suspension and rotation of the brace while on the leg. The Townsend Rebel is made out of aircraft aluminum and is backed by a no migration guarantee that it will not slide down the leg while being worn. It features the patented TM5 hinges which reduce shear forces to the knee and surrounding ligaments thus reducing any extra stress to a newly reconstructed knee, and encourages complete shell-to-leg contact throughout full flexion and extension of the knee- just like you would expect from a custom knee brace!

Price: initially bought @ SGD$585 per brace (USD$414). But i am selling these two braces at SGD$450SGD$400 per brace, SGD$800SGD$700 for both braces. These braces are brand new, and this is guaranteed the lowest price offered in the market. Other online sites like this and this are selling the same item at USD$585!!

Other online sites are selling as expensive as USD$595, bear in mind is USD. Examples:

For local buyers, i encourage u to meet up to see the braces. I stay in West Area. Preferably at Bukit Batok MRT Station.

For international buyers, i advise you to measure the circumference of your thigh, knee cap and lower leg, email me your readings. i will check if the braces fits your leg. I am currently applying for PayPal, i will update this selling page once my PayPal is activated.

Postage shipment: Free, i will pay for it, whichever country u reside in.
Email me: for more details

Excellent for ACL deficient or Arthritis patients who wants very high quality knee braces for better support/rehab, yet low cost.